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Langmeier Backup v6.0.48 GERMAN | 7.46 MB

The well-known backup program goes into the next round.The version 6 of long-Meier backup arrives: The revised data is more user friendly. The software provides clear and corresponds in Office 2007 style.

Some of the advantages of long-Meier Backups Version 6:
• If the computer or Internet connection to access the internal network, it can automatically start the backup.
• A direct access to the online update is installed.
• Using VB Script programming language can end the backup individually optimized.
• To initiate a break, can be the backup at any time to interrupt.
• New Outlook saves the backup, the VBA macro.
• During the backup process, more information will be displayed.
• The backup log is from the main window available.
• The Windows service support has been improved.



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Langmeier Backup v6.0.48 GERMAN

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